Castle Bean – BETA

Saturday night I could not sleep because I had this silly game stuck in my head. I had been thinking, “How could I come up with a simple game that uses nothing other than a checkerboard, some checkers, a deck of cards, and things laying around the house?” Castle Bean was the result. So I wrote it down in my journal and then fell asleep. Then I woke up and looked at my journal. Not bad IMHO. I play tested it with myself, and it worked. I tweaked the rules a bit, and play tested it again. It works.

Castle Bean requires a checkerboard, 4 checkers per player to be the Castles, 4 coins per player to be Knights, a 52 card deck, and Beans (uncooked preferably). The goal is build your Castles, plant Beans in the fields around your Castles, to defend your bean fields from your vile larcenous opponent(s), and to raid your opponent’s Bean fields in justified retribution! First player to get 8 beans or to eliminate the other players wins.

Would love it if you play tested it and gave me your feedback. Just leave a comment below and tell me why it sucked!


From time to time I will update the rules. The latest version will be found here.

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