Action Adventure World RPG – CONCEPT

Action Adventure World RPG is a role playing game about being the star in your own action adventure movie. You travel the world to take on the bad guys, get trapped in bizarre situations that only you and your buddies can get out of, or fight a menace at home that only you and your friends are able to defeat. You may be a cowboy in a western, a jaded mercenary in an international thriller, a private eye looking to make rent in a detective story, an ace pilot in a military adventure, a computer hacker sucked into a massive sci-fi conspiracy, or a burned-out cop looking to make a grimy and sordid world a little better in a rough and tumble tale of hope and honor restored.  Action Adventure World RPG is based upon my favorite role playing game, “Dungeon World” by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel, with some significant changes.

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