kombucha_scoby1Kombucha is a mildly effervescent tasty drink made from the fermentation of sweetened tea. Unlike most fermentation that involves yeast, Kombucha uses a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) that comes in the form of a small disk. As you make more Kombucha your SCOBY or mushroom gets bigger and bigger. A lot of people make some pretty crazy claims about Kombucha, and I have no interest in spreading anything that may be false or exaggerated claims. However, I do believe many of us are suffering from a lack of beneficial bacteria and yeast which makes us susceptible to more dangerous microbes, and that we could benefit from eating more natural foods that contain these beneficial microbes. Kombucha is loaded with healthy beneficial microbes. 

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Please feel free to download the instructions: How To Brew Kombucha

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